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Learn how cells are the basic unit for all life, but what controls the cell? Learn about the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and how scientists extract, isolate and visualize this incredibly important molecule. First step: smash a strawberry!


Understand the different types of food we consume in order to stay healthy and grow strong, what molecules in our food help us do that? Learn about vitamins and enzymes, then detect them in various fruits, vegetables, and drinks to determine which are healthiest.


What is the strange force of magnetism? Learn about magnetic field lines, magnetic poles and what it means to attract or repel an object.  Create your own compass, draw a real magnetic field line, and create a work of art using paint and - you guessed it - magnets!


Germs are all around us, but they only speak using chemistry. Understand what types of organisms can be a "germ", how they spread, and how best to protect yourself from getting sick. Plus, find out if all germs are bad or if some can be called our friends!


Did you know that burning produces water? Chemists call this reaction 'combustion', and its been a major driver in human technological development. Discovery the chemistry behind fire then witness a deadly fire snake appear out of nowhere!


What are crystals and how do they form? Learn what is means to supersaturate a solution, supercool a liquid, and how atoms arrange themselves to create the crystal structures we know and love like: geodes, snowflakes, and sugar. Plus, create a tower of 'hot ice'!


Learn the difference between a physical and chemical change by observing nine different demonstrations! Conduct an investigation as to whether or not a new substance has been made by mixing different materials and analyzing the results.


Learn how mass, volume, and density are all related. Create a hypothesis as to whether an object has greater mass, volume, or density - then experiment! Compete to keep your boat afloat the longest and make your very own lava lamp!


Learn about atomic structure and how electricity is related to magnetism. Experiment with electric repulsion and attraction by racing aluminum cans and building a magnetic tower. Plus, explore static electricity by making your own waterless snowglobe!


What are the different states of matter? Learn about all three (can you name a fourth? a fifth?) by creating your own weather system, complete with clouds and rain! Plus, learn how these states change from one type to another.