Each year we host Chemistry Camp to offer children within our community the opportunity to learn more about science and meet the people who have chosen science as a career path. It also helps us raise funds for the organization so we can visit schools throughout the year at no cost. Should you decide to donate, you'll not only help us purchase the materials needed for these visits, you'll also help us offer scholarships for families who could not otherwise afford Chemistry Camp. Please consider offering your support today, every bit helps.


For the same cost as a coffee... could help us purchase the necessary chemicals and equipment needed for hands-on experiments and demonstrations, as well as to continue offering new activities!


For the same cost as a movie... could help us expand our outreach to rural areas. Although this incurs additional expenses, we hope to offer the same opportunities regardless of location.


For the same cost as a haircut... could help fund a child to attend Chemistry Camp whose family is experiencing financial hardship. Help us reach out to one more child this year.

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