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Mon. 9/7 - Fri. 9/11

Nationwide there are concerns regarding the question of at-home vs. in-school teaching, and how this will worsen disparities for families who already experience reduced access to educational resources. In response to this crisis, C'ville STEM organized a fundraiser to deliver STEM boxes, which contain basic supplies for completing STEM projects at home, to elementary school kids in the Charlottesville area. Thanks to our community, they exceeded their fundraising goal of $30,000 - the amount needed to provide STEM box supplies for a total of 1500-2100 children grades K-4 for the entire year for all six Charlottesville city schools!

STEM education is considered an integral part of an elementary student's development. Although students have access to many tools and materials at school labs, access to those same resources at home is unequal. The provision of a STEM box, supplemented with materials from each school, will provide young students with the same capabilities to complete a wide range of projects and challenges at home. Teachers can be certain every student has an equal opportunity to engage with the STEM curriculum and attain the same leaning outcomes.

Now C'ville STEM needs your help again, please consider volunteering to help pack STEM box supplies for distribution. Volunteers can sign up for shifts beginning Monday, September 7th until Friday, September 11th. Bodo's Bagels will be provided for morning shifts and pizza for afternoon shifts.